We want you to feel at home. One amazing studio & it's all yours as long as you're here.

Music+Arts is a unique blend of digital recording technology with the best analogue gear from now & decades past. Centered in the control room is a 96 channel API Vision super analogue console. The area behind the producer's desk features a Studer A827 2 inch 24 track tape machine which is accompanied by two 1/4 inch machines and one 1/2 inch machine. Don't let all this old gear talk fool you, the Vision is fully automate-able  & is linked to our Mac Pro running Pro Tools HD. Check out our gear list for a full rundown of the toys we love to use.

What I love about...It feels like family
— John Kilzer

I always feel like my heart is captured in the music when I record here.
— Keia Johnson